All Blue Top Hat

All blue top that I have. I used to have an all black one.

Just some info about me, I am:

9 years old and my teacher says I am at 7th reading level.

I am homeschooled by my mom in K12.

I have two siblings: Jack who is 11 and very annoying, and my brother Josh who is 7 but even more annoying. I am the middle child in our family of five.

Three main games that I play are: Castaway 2, AJ, and Mine-   craft. I can only play computer or Wii on weekends, but if I'm lucky my parents give us extra.

I am female (a girl).

My hobbies are: Building Lego models, painting, sculpting, drawing, and I am so good at drawing things from video games.

I am a Christian, which means I go to church and believe in God the Son and Holy Spirit.

My Favorite Things On AJEdit

I play AJ whenever I can, and when I do play, I am rare. I have rare antlers, freedom helmet, a rare orange bow, freedom bands, a beta phantom cage, patch of fog, and a beta den. Not to brag, but I like to be able to get lots of trades and to be rare. Not to mention my all blue top hat...
Epic Minecraft


My StuffEdit

I don't really get clothing a lot, but only the beta and rare clothing that are coming out again. I keep reminding myself to just chillax and think about what I seriously want to buy next, but really! I like to be rare and my friends say I have a lot of dens.  I usually have trouble having a non-full den item inventory but I have only 30 pieces of clothes! I like to meet up with friends and Adventure a lot because I have 60,861 gems worth from adventures!