The 'Arctics Only Party' is a Animal Jam party which only Arctic Wolves, Snow Leopards, Penguins, and Polar Bears are allowed into. It will take place after either the Wolves Only Party, or the Penguins Only Party, despite the Wolves Only Party having a theme of hot.

Music Edit

The party has a music called "Arctic Ice" which starts with a few bells for 8 seconds, then the player can hear a sound of ice cracking, but fast and high pitched.

The Player can also buy this music for 100 gems. The cover has a bright blue ice with cracks, and a penguin, arctic wolf, a polar bear, and a snow leopard with the default skin for that animal. The music is available for all jammers.

Location Edit

The den is the enchanted hollow. Instead of the forest theme on the grass outside, it is a winter wonderland with snow everywhere, and also falling! The trees are covered with snow too, and you can see a clear blue sky. In the background, the player can see Mt. Shiveer too!

The mud in the den is replaced with snow, and the walls have snow all over them too! The first level is quite a small one, with an ice throne, with surrounding ice chairs, and sofas! The floor has a rugs on it, an Arctic Wolf one, a Snow Leopard one, a Penguin one, and a Polar Bear one. The last one is bigger, saying WINTER WONDERLAND! on it with a white background.

The second level has a dark blue wallpaper and floor, and The Player can see a fireplace, but the fire is blue! There are white and light blue pillows and mats around it too. On the last level, it goes very deep, with the tunnel having snow, claw marks, and a snowball IN the snow, which you can click, and a snowball will appear on the right side of The Player's avatar.

But when you reach the bottom, it is wonderful! There is a big white stage with a microphone, keyboard, and a guitar on it. The Player may click on the keyboard and guitar, and it will play sounds similar to the keyboard and rock guitar at the Jam Session. The walls are covered with snow, as well as the floor.

Store Edit

The Store is located at the back of the third floor, and there are only den items:


  • Winter Wonderland Banner (250 gems, non member)
  • Ice Sofa (300 gems, non member)
  • Ice Chair (200 gems, non member)
  • Ice Throne (600 gems, smaller version of the Epic Wonders one, member)
  • Arctic Wolf and Penguin Ice Statue (500 gems, non member)

Trivia Edit

  • It is the second " _ Only Party" to have more than one animal, the first being the Wolves Only Party.
  • The same den (with the wallpaper, and flooring) can be bought at the diamond shop, members only, for 7 diamonds.
  • There is a glitch where if the player clicks the party, it will take a long time to load. During this time, Animal Jam will let the player switch animals, so you can change into an animal that is not allowed at the party, and when the party loads, you will still be the animal. This glitch has been patched though.