once there was a creepy ninjario900 if u try to go to his den if u finally go to his den his den will be dark shadow and a big giant sea animal appear on inside his den and ninjario900 log in and he goes to he den and he also do a creepy smile under his mask and u run to jamaa township as u run in jamaa township the township will turn black and a screaming music when ninjario900 comes then once u run to coral canyons the coral canyons will name 1039pt. when ninjario900 here the coral canyons will turn black and hear foot steps then if ninjario900 got u you might log off and when u try to log in ur account has be deleted once u created a new account u will see all the creepy and if u go where mira was in the mira will be ninjario900 statue of a wolf form with the creepy smile and the jamaa township will be dark with no trees just creepy smile surronding and if u run to ur den ur den will be black and no den items here and ninjario900 comes he will make u turn into a creepy smile blood animal and u will be log off then if u log back on it will be the blood manatee creature with horns and u might see the big eye and a creepy too much teeth smile then u will be scared and ninjario900 will have 1 wolf an 2 penguins creepy pasta he wasn't a member he get to have 2 penguins for glitch then if u search ninjario900 on usernames u might see the 2 penguins and 1 wolf it could be true

warning: if u go to his den it will do u the same creepy

and in animal jam if u try to go in sea ocean place it will be black and creepy smile sharks surronding and the world map would pop up then click to temple of zios quickly before its good for good and the temple of zios would name JRIWHU and it will be black and if u listen to the creepy song slowly u will hear a big scream and u will be on crystal sands before its gone and crystal sands will be named New world 3 and the song will be SCREAMING WHALE and u got suspended for 1 day


and if u search ninjario900 on usernames he have 2 penguins and 1 wolf its true and dont go to his den it will do the same creepy so commet