So you're interested in how to make a good Clan? Well this is the guide for you!

Name Edit

First off, you'll need a good Clan name, something original. It's best to look on the AJCW first to see if the name isn't taken.

Think about animals/plants/things that interest you. Say you were very fascinated by the Savannah, then you could possibly name your Clan SavannahClan.

If you're a darker Clan that follows the Dark Forest, then a darker name, such as GrimClan would suit your Clan best.

Territory Edit

You'll need to set your territory so your Clan can hunt. Once again, look on AJCW to make sure that no other Clan has that territory.

Also when choosing a territory, don't just claim it on any random server, you need to make sure the server doesn't belong to another Clan so that a war doesn't break out over the territory (unless you want that, I don't see why you'd ever want that.)

Keeping Track Edit

You will need to keep track of your cats somehow.


An example of a list of cats in the Clan.

It's best to make a page on the AJCW and write the cats' names and usernames down. Or you can write it down in a notebook. Always keep track.

Rules Edit

Make sure your cats know the rules before anything. Some rules may include;

  • No Double-Clanning
  • Keep peace with allies.
  • Do not hunt on another clan's territory.

You want to make sure that if they break one of these rules (on accident or on purpose) that you give them a warning, be firm about it, so that they know you mean business.

Camp Edit

A Clan's camp is EXTREMELY important.

Den Edit

For a Clan camp you'll want a bigger den, so that the dens aren't right next to each other (unless that's what you're going for.) A good den for a Clan camp would be the Spring Cottage den. Anything bigger than that is too big of a camp.

Dens Edit


An example of a den.

The Dens are where the cats will sleep and spend most of their time. You'll need seven dens, Warriors' Den, Apprentices' Den, Elders' Den, Nursery, MedDen and Leader's Den. For the dens, I personally prefer to use Leaf Rugs (cost 450 gems) because of how much space they take up.

Decorations Edit

Decorations are also very important. You want to make your camp seem filled with life. Don't use all your plants for the Med-den, spread out and put some plants in random places!

But do not use kittypet-ish items! Kittypet-ish items are things that humans would use, such as the Flowery Welcome Mat or a pot.

Allies & Enemies Edit

Allies Edit

Allies are Clans/Packs that you've made an agreement with to help in time of need. Allies are a great thing to have, especially during battles that you're outnumbered in. An ally can jump in and help in the battle. But you have to meet regularly with your allies to make sure that you keep a strong connection.

Enemies Edit

Enemies are groups that your Clan has a conflict with, and are most likely going to meet in battle. When you have a conflict with another group, it's best to send patrols out often and keep camp locked, as they may try to invade. In case they do invade, send out your warriors to battle them.

OC Edit

OC stands for Original Character.

Your OC is one of the most important things. People wont join your Clan if you have a bad OC. You'll want a good look and name to attract people to your Clan.

Color Edit

Your pelt color is very important.

Screenshot (406)

Colors that're acceptable to use on pelts.





If you look like a kittypet then people wont join your Clan because they'll think it's a kittypet clan.

Name Edit

You need a good original name, I suggest using this name generator if you can't think of a name. It has plenty of good and original names.

Don't choose an overused name, such as Shadowstar. Do you know how many Shadowstars I see everyday? Way too many.

Look on this page for better information about creating an OC.

Final Note Edit

Creating a Clan is harder than it looks, but it will get easier over time. If you don't get many cats at first, just keep trying. Don't give up, for you too can be an awesome leader!

Thank you for reading!