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How to make a good clan! Edit

Research and introduction to the world of warriors. Edit

These are step-by-step instructions on how to make a good clan from warrior cats! If you aren't familiar with the book series.. Get reading! : .. Most libraries have them in stock, if not check stores like waterstones or barnes and noble ( they are having a december sale right now ) If you don't want to spend money on the books, there are also e-books,manga and of course wiki and youtube videos. Research on your role and the others. ( this will be handy to know) E.x. Role:Medcat Research: Herbs/duties/other.

These are what you should study for a specific role : Edit

  • Leader-Everything/duties
  • Warriors:Duties/behavior/warrior code.
  • Apprentices: Behaviour/duties/punishments
  • Kits:Med cat kit rule/behaviour/games
  • Queens: behaviour/health/kits/games
  • Deputy:Duties/behaviour/rules.

Things you should study for normal roles: Edit

  • Warriors language ( Language used in the books ).
  • Ages/ranks.
  • How to become certain ranks.
  • Warrior code ( really important ).
  • Natural pelt colours.
  • Anatomy ( This is good to learn, for real life and roleplaying life).
  • What they eat.
  • Where abouts they live
  • Any extras ( The more you know, the better! )


Make a creative clan name, Forestsong etc. Make a creative name for your clan ( don't just use the originals it's getting so boring I see about 400 TC, 200 WC and 200 RC.. So make it unusual and catchy, so people want to join

Step one) A good camp and borders. Edit

Some people say that the well decorated your den is, the more likely that people will stay. So give it your all. Try to avoid using fires, mirrors, unnatural wallpapers and floorings and weirdly coloured pillows. ( etc add more ) Try and aim for something like madjastersxyz's dens or look on youtube for inspiration. DON'T COPY. It shows that you're just imitating another clan ( many jammers don't like this ). Maybe you could get friends to help out or use others dens with permission ( obviously ).

Example of madjasterxyz's den

Example of madjasterxyz's den.

Helpful tip: include lots of plants and trees try to cover unnatural things in the den. What I wouldn't do,from experience, is put a prey pile with things cats wouldn't eat in their. (foxes, wolves, cheetahs, lions..etc) If you hide them well enough just to make the pile look bigger fair enough.

Step 2) Make a list. Edit

( and be checking it twice ) Edit

Lists help you remember everything. Cats names and their ranks, allied clans and important events... That's why every clan leader should make one. You can either make one on sticky notes, a notepad/text document or on a piece of paper! ( or a wiki page but probably not until it's popular enough ) Try not to make it too long ( unless it's the wiki page ) so you can find names automatically. If you have enough space, put their username next to the cat name.If you don't that's fine! The moral of this step, be organised! ( and be remembered as a leader who can remember all the cats names) Try saying that ten times fast!

Things you NEED to include in your list Edit

  • Roles: In order of importance. Leader, Deputy, Med cat,(elders*),Warriors,apprentice,queens,kits. *Elders are very rare to come by, until you have one/ a warrior become too old put it on the list.
  • Allied clans ( maybe a shared copy of their document ) Allies are really important I will mention them on a later step
  • What the apprentices are training as. E.x Silverpaw Med, Larkpaw W ( You can have a key at the top of the list )
  • Gaps. It's hard to find what you're looking for without gaps.. Also it's untidy ( I will come for you ).
  • Blocked/Banished players. Just their usernames. You will PROBABLY remember their names.
  • Your clan name. When I started I forgot mine nearly ten times.

Step 3) Actually getting started. Edit

Right now you have earned your certificate, you may start. When you make a clan, first of all invite friends, or make some without a clan in Madjaster's den. ( C'mon we all know there are some ). NEVER ADVERTISE. Oh my, you don't know HOW many people hate this you will probably be banned from TC's grounds. Go to a jamaa around lunchtime 12:00-14:00 GMT and go to madjasterxyz's den. Then exit into jamaa.. If mad's den is full..PERFECT stay where you are. ( Probably in coral canyons ). Go to sarepia ( If full with cats ) and say this ( fill in the information ) _______ clan ______'s/my den,we shall by stay the warrior code! (if you read warriors only ) *Feel free to change this* I wouldn't recommend going to jamaa, you regularly get people who can't roleplay, 'Fake' kittypets, wolves or people who lie about if they read the warriors series << Give them five chances if they say something not related to warriors ( and meaning to say it in the roleplay),google answers ( They take too long ) or they just are saying 'is this a pack' etc. They lose one of their points. Just in case they actually do read warriors and are just forgetting ( I DO THAT ALOT ) >>

Step 4) Being an all around good leader* Edit

*Only for people who wish to be a leader. Edit

Being a leader is hard but you have to stay in role, else your character will be seen as something you don't want them to be seen as. As irritating as some cats are, ask them to leave politely through a jam a gram and if they don't, you can always unbuddy them and lock or unbuddy them when you come off. ( If you wish to seem strong/kind I wouldn't recommend doing this as you will start to seem out of character. This is for more intelligent cats who don't wish to start an unnecessary fight) Try to have some leniency in your rules for cats who regularly behave well. ( They might just be having a bad day. So just ask for an apology and give a mild punishment to the cat/s) Try not to say 'lol' or do smiley faces while roleplaying.. This tends to change your character. If you have to then I suggest saying it in brackets. Don't be too harsh ( unless that's your character type ) being harsh sometimes is like karma! A perfect ideal of a leader would probably be Cloudstar ( my sister ) of Rushclan. A disbanded clan. She was fair, kind and appreciative and ,in my opinion, the best thing was her acceptance of people new to warriors. She would say " Anyone who reads warriors may stay, also the ones who don't but I ask you one thing to research or get some of the books as soon as possible. That's how her clan grew to an enormous size before she quit about one year after the number of members was at it's peaking point. Moral = Make your clan sound impressive and it will be ( with abit of work )


This topic is important.. In warriors they have meetings called 'gatherings' these are so the leaders of surrounding clans can share important information that might danger them and their clan. The gatherings consist of four leaders from different clans ( Can have more/less this is just tradition ) Pick your allies wisely. Don't just pick an ally because so-and-so said so they might be a spy after all... Or not. The most likely case is that cats from other clans will jam-a-gram you

Step 6) Happy clanning! Edit

Clanning is fun, so make the most of it. While you still like it that is..

Feel free to tell me things I missed!

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