Kit is a lavender fox who only appeared in various Animal Jam merchandises.

Non-Fanon Information


Kit is a fox with lavender fur, her paws and the tip of her ears are purple. Her muzzle, underbelly, and the tip of her tail is yellow, and nose is magenta.

Her mascot suit seen in this video, is depicted in a different color, such as being light pink with hot-pink ear tips and paws, her muzzle, underbelly, and the tip of her tail is cream. She wears a blue bow on the top of her head that has a light blue rhombus shape in the middle and a white Pearl Bracelet around her right paw.


According to a Top Trump Animal Jam Card, she loves to play fun games, meeting new buddies, decorating her den, and exploring exotic lands. Due to being simply a mascot seen in Animal Jam merchandise and has never appeared within the games themselves, much of her personality is unknown.

In unofficial content, like fanon, Kit is kind and outgoing, in serious situations, she faces her enemies, such as Phantoms with determination.


  • According to the official Pillow Pets website back in 2017, Kit was originally named as "Frankie the Fox"[1]
    • It is also speculated that her mascot costume might be her original design.


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