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Komain The Shaman

The Komodo Dragon Shaman is a legendary creature...


(note: AJHQ removed the Jamaa lore, but I made him a backstory anyway)

As a young Komodo Dragon, Komain was interested in the armor his father fought in. All Komain had was a multicolored neck item that his mom bought him when he was just a hatchling. One day, his father gave up fighting the humans that harmed their peacful family. Komain tried on the armor that his dad wore, but his family was moving. Komain's mother tried to make him go with them, but this is the little thing they got into...

Komain: Mother, I am almost 10 moons old now. I can live on my own

Mother: Fine...but keep the armor. Humans are still lurking in the shadows.

Komain: I will be fine.

Mother: Ok, dear.

Father: HONEY! We need to go.

Mother: Alright...bye sweetheart.

Komain: Bye mom...

Komain saw his beloved mom and dad go away, but he wanted to stay at the island that almost became a human city. He was sleeping, until he saw it. Mankind. He tried to warn them to not build a city, but they ignored him. He was crying when he was surrounded. Just when he was about to go and run, there was a beam on the other side of the construction center. There was a stone right next to it, with a Komodo Dragon carved in it. It was glowing. Komain ran to the beam. Mankind followed him. He picked up the rock, and went up the beam. He was safe. He saw a gray haren, she said her name, Mira, and this happend....

Mira: Komain, that stone you are holding is the Komodo Dragon Spirit Stone.

Komain: Whats that?

Mira: It allows different animals to live in a place where the are no humans. Only peace, and animals.

Komain: And, what the what???

Mira: You will be leader of the Komodo Dragons, it's shaman. You will get respect more than any other of the jammers which will have one.

Komain: Cool!

Mira put Komain in a wonderful place, filled with nature, and no humans.

Mira: Welcome to Jamaa.

And that is how Komain came to be.