Hey have you seen the new clans? they say that there only accepting cats who know basic or advanced! well, we got the anatomy lesson for you! if you need to learn it to up your skills in roleplaying, here you go !~ ( remberer , you must have free chat) Edit
~basic~ Edit

tail~ banner

nose~ nare

eyes ~ opticals

Teeth ~ ivories

ears ~ zenthss

Shoulder blades ~ scapulas

claws ~ cleaves

= ~advance~ Edit

Opening in nose ~ external nares nose/Grueneberg ganglion

ears ~ radar zenithicals

connects neck and head ~ Stenocleid Omastoideus

claws ~ Epony chium scathers sterno

mouth ~ buccal

head ~ cephalic

side of head ~ glabella

muscle responsible for suspending the jaw ~ Hyomandibula

back of head ~ Rhombencephalon

largest branch of the trachea ~ Bronchus

throat ~ Pharynx

'knuckles' ~ Carpometacarpus

a muscle at the base of the tail - Caudofemoralis

the tail bones ~ Coccyx

if you know any more , please tell me ! ill add them on ! 

~ dottedfur onn animal jam