Welcome to Leopardclan! We are now skyclan so go look up skyclan please and this is the last time were chaning the name so please please please don't copy it. skyclan is the same with the same stuff. Our leader is heatherstar she is a gold and light yellow she-cat with light brown marks on her. heatherstars mother is mistyheart and her father is featherwind her littermates are stormkit and snowkit and hawkkit. Leopardclan territory! Leopardclan territory is appondale and kimbara outback. We hunt and fish to get prey. We never struggle to get prey in leaf-bare because we have a prey storage cave where we stock up prey before leaf-bare and the fresh-kill never turns to crow food. Heatherstar is alleys with Riverclan and Riverclan's leader is mousestar-horselover8948 and Ivyclan and Ivyclan's leader is swiftstar-fuzzybuddy1013

Important clan mates! Our deputy is not decided its between whitestorm-kwong and stormclaw-warriorcats0007 if you have a vote for who should be deputy jam a gram 7199jf! We are working on getting a medicine cat right now so if you want to be the Leopardclan medicine cat jam a gram 7199jf

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