Swans are non-member land and ocean animal. They are the fifth bird, after penguins, eagles, falcons, flamingoes, and toucans. They are the size of a falcon.

Their Alpha is Olora, the Swan Shamaness (or whatever you call a female shaman).

Actions: Edit

On Land:

Sit: They fold their wings and sit like a hen.

Play: They beat their wings and hop around gracefully.

Aj swan

Dance: They twirl and spin, much like a ballerina.

Sleep: They go in sitting position, but they lay their head down on the ground.

Hop: They spread their wings and hop higher than a wolf, flapping their wings.


Pose: They stand still, underside showing.

Play: They swim up and down in the water, and then left and right, like a seal.

Dance: They twirl like they do on land, but much slower.

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