The Switch-a-Shack is a (FANMADE) concept shop for animal jam mobile, at Moku'ahi. In Moku'ahi, if you go to the mini island next to the main island; the camera will turn around, revealing a straw shack, with a sign next to it. The sign shows a treasure chest. Going inside the golden door, the loading screen comes up. Once the loading screen is gone, it opens up to reveal a shop. Inside the shop are 10 pedastals; the salesman and Leilani also hang out in the shop when they aren't trading or selling. In the middle of the shop is a trap door, that only opens during events for the bonus event pedastal. At the end, there is a door with gears and gadgets attached to it; it is the Traverse Teleporter. There are also cracks in the floor that appear during events, and help with the theme.


-Night of the Phantoms: The phantom salesman replaces the salesman inside the Switch-A-Shack; Arthur and Leilani do not go, and they both explain when they are available how they are scared. During night of the Phantoms, the Event pedastal pops up; and comes with an exclusive epic bundle called "Phantom Forces". This epic bundle is different from sapphire shop. Cracks in the floor have eyes peeping out. The shop is decorated all spooky, and the phantom salesman mentions how he expected guests. The music sounds spooky.

-Lucky Day: The event pedastal pops up once again. It comes with an epic bundle titled the "Lucky Lot". It costs 1500 sapphires. Arthur is dressed in the Shamrock set, Leilani in the Lucky set. The shop is decorated with gold and green, and some cracks in the floor have clovers going out of them. The music also has a new lucky theme. Arthur and Leilani talk about lucky day and such.

-Friendship Day: The event pedastal pops up, with an epic bundle called "Forever Friendship" with a friendship day themed variety. It costs 1500 sapphires. Cracks in the floor have roses growing out of it. Leilani is wearing the dainty heart set, Arthur is wearing the heroic heart set. The music sounds like heart chalet, but a bit different. Leilani mentions how she has a special someone: Arthur does, too. When they speak about it, they both do the blush emote right after.

-Feast of Thanks: The shop has a Thanksgiving theme. The event pedastal does NOT pop up. Arthur wears the scarecrow set, Leilani wears the outback set. They speak about being thankful for happiness and all. The cracks in the floor have orange leaves coming out. The music is the main music.

-Jamaalidays: The shop has a Christmas theme. Arthur wears the Jamaaliday Cozy collection; Leilani wears the reindeer set. The music is Jamaaliday themed. The pop-up pedastal is out again, this time with an epic jamaalidays bundle for 1500 sapphires, called "Jolly Jamaalidays", and is different from the sapphire shop.

-April Fools: The shop's pedastals all become 1 big pedastal, and it shows a bundle called "Dapper Dumb Darned Discount Dumpster Dive". It is only 1 day. The bundle costs 1 sapphire. The bundle comes with many unwanted things, except for 1 exclusive den, tooken straight from the April fool's party. It also comes with a terribly colored collection of unwanted pets. It also comes with a prize pal that upon opening, gives what looks like the forest set; until you press accept on the forest guantlets, and it gives you a fake out termination, but says "April Fools" at the end, and doesn't actually give you a forest set. There are also money trees growing out from the cracks, and Leilani and Arthur switch outfits and impersonate eachother. The music sounds horrible.

Switch-a-Round Sunday

Every Sunday, the shop's inventory switches around.


The shop has 10 pedastals that each include something different (that switches around weekly). It never includes in store items.

  1. Music Pedastal: 75 Sapphires for 2 random musics.
  2. Pet Pedastal: 150 sapphires for 2 random pets, you can pick the color.
  3. Pet Toy Pedastal: 75 sapphires for 3 pet toys from the same (random) pet toy collection.
  4. Furniture Pedastal: Bundle, for 100 sapphires; a random collection of furniture from a bundle.
  5. Furniture Collection Pedastal: A random collection of furniture, 100 sapphires for all.
  6. Set Pedastal: A random set, for 175 sapphires. Cannot be promo or treasure hunt or salesman.
  7. Clothes Collection Pedastal: A random collection of clothes (rainbow, diamond, cupid.). Can not be promo, founders, Leilani, or salesman collection.
  8. Animal Pedastal: 200 sapphires for a random animal.
  9. Den Pedastal: 200 sapphires for a random den.
  10. Bundle Pedastal: 600 sapphires for 2 random bundles. Neither can be an epic bundle.

Event Pop-up Pedastal

The shop has 1 pedastal appearing during holidays, with special epic event bundles. All cost 1500 sapphires, but the April Fool's bundle costs 1 sapphire.

The Traverse Teleporter

At the end of the shop, is The Traverse Teleporter. It is a door. Twice a year, it opens up and for 10 sapphires, you can test out a new land or shop, pre-release. Every other 6 months is a shop or building, while every other other 6 months is a land. Arthur claims it is a time machine, Leilani says it's just a fancy door and she thinks it is all a hoax. The door has revealed the following lands and shops:

-Atlantis Utopia (Land)

-Castle Cave (Shop)

-Coral Kingdom (Land)

-Undersea Cafe (Shop)

-Sky City (Land)

-Flight Farm (Shop)

-Dunia Desert (Land)

-Desert Motel (Shop)

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