Jamaa is full of fun and surprises, with many doors and games in each land. Hmm, around the map there are some unnamed lands that are darker than the rest! Very mysterious...


So far, there are 12 lands of Jammaa.

  • The Jamaa Township
  • Mt. Shiveer
  • Kimbara Outback
  • Appondale
  • Crystal Reef
  • Deep Blue
    Kimbara Outback

    The Kimbara Outback.

  • Coral Canyons
  • Lost Temple of Zios
  • Crystal Sands
  • Kani Kove
  • Bahari Bay
  • Sarepia Forest

Tell me if I missed any!

Animal BiomesEdit

Every animal has a special place in Jamaa! Penguins might like Mt. Shiveer while Seals like Crystal Sands. Who knows? Let's guess;

  1. Seal: Crystal Sands
  2. Panda: Sarepia Forest
  3. Wolf: Lost Temple of Zios
  4. Cheetah: Kimbara Outback
  5. Dolphin: Crystal Reef
  6. Shark: Kani Kove
  7. Octopus: Deep Blue
  8. Penguin: Mt. Shiveer
  9. Kangaroo: Appondale
  10. Arctic Wolf: Mt. Shiveer
  11. Snow Leopard: Mt. Shiveer
  12. Lion: Appondale
  13. Monkey: Sarepia Forest
  14. Koala: Appondale
  15. Bunny: Sarepia Forest OR Kimbara Outback
  16. Elephant: Kimbara Outback
  17. Giraffe: Appondale
  18. Rhino: Appondale OR Kimbara Outback
  19. Tiger: Sarepia Forest
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