The Lost Jammer
Animal Jam The Lost Jammer
The Lost Jammer in the night sky.
Vital statistics
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Video debut Look At It
Story debut The Story of the Lost Jammer
The Lost Jammer is an Animal Jam player, widely believed to be the user Decompose1. He is the main antagonist of The Story of the Lost Jammer, a story that has gained popularity since a surplus of YouTube videos starring the Lost Jammer were uploaded in summer 2015.

Description The Lost Jammer, also known as Ol' Lostie, has been called the "new FMAN" of Animal Jam. Many rumours state that he was formerly a regular Jammer, who was scammed and then devoted the rest of his life to hacking Animal Jam (to obtain account information). He is also believed to be an AJ staff member who was fired and used inside information to access others' accounts. No rumours have been proven, though Decompose1 has been caught on video talking about a river in which he was thrown.

==Lost Jammer Back-Story The earliest known depiction of the Lost Jammer in media was in Look At It, a seven-second video uploaded to YouTube on October 14, 2013 by MintySnowflakesAJ. The video shows a wolf identical to the Lost Jammer, though the player has never been identified by the uploader. Commenters have accepted the video as the earliest "real proof" of the Lost Jammer. So...who is up for pizza?And FNaF!

From late 2014 to early 2015, Jammers began to record themselves trying to summon a demonic player called the Lost Jammer. On July 2, 2015, the Lost Jammer was given a backstory and identified as the player Decompose1 in The Story of the Lost Jammer. Rumors about his origins are deemed as untrue. Videos featuring the Lost Jammer became outrageously popular following the story's publication.

Den Edit

The Lost Jammer's den is a typical nonmember den: a Small House. The only item in the den is an orange mat. When he is in the den, the mat disappears. Decompose1 has locked his den since summer 2015, though various screenshots and videos show his den when all Jammers could visit it. Now in 2016 his den is unlocked but you cannot click his name he has lots of accounts. Whenever you summon the lost jammer, the orange mat will be gone and he will be sitting right where it was. Be careful when around him 💀.


There is no way of summoning the lost jammer. Many of the ways that are said to work are usually fake. Although, there is one way of summoning him. They just ask a friend to act. Though Ol' lostie can be just a myth..


  • Narrator - The only player who comes into contact with the Lost Jammer in The Story of the Lost Jammer. The unnamed narrator, whose username and animal are never identified, summons him and tries to click on the Lost Jammer's user tag (only to fail). At the end of the story, the Lost Jammer says to him, "~~I, too, can become transparent.~~" After this, he fades into thin air, and the narrator never sees Ol’ Lostie again.
  • Kody2405 - A character from The Story of the Lost Jammer, and a real Animal Jam player who has met the Lost Jammer. In the story, he is depicted as an all-knowing penguin dressed in an orange spiked collar, who gives the narrator instructions on how to summon the Lost Jammer. His method of summoning - placing three tiki torches on top of an AJ sewer cover - has been disproven in many online videos, though it works in the story. It is implied that Kody2405 has met the Lost Jammer prior to the events in the tale, despite it never being stated
  • djhome334 - Not a character from The Story of the Lost Jammer, but is a real Animal Jam player that has claimed he has seen Ol' Lostie in LostJammer's den during the summer of 2015.


  • The Lost Jammer during the Jamaalidays
  • Ol' Lostie at the Wolves Only Party
  • Screenshot from "Decompose1's Den" video
  • A faked "Decompose-Troll"
  • A Creepypasta about the Lost Jammer
  • The lost jammer

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