long time ago as passed like the monkey king the monkey king has ended a long time after a while a new king who believe the mira and zios and the new king was a wolf named wolfsteel and many years ago the wolf king was the second king of the monkey king well the wolf become a king and he let all his people created a statue of mira to remember how long time was as many years he told a message of the old time zios once the wolf king was a old wolf but still living and was having a son but the wolf king was know all about the old times cuz the spirit of zios told him like the monkey king do and king wolf was saying to his guard "All guards i order u to proctect jamaa " as the king said and the wolf king find a old message about monkey king was captured from phantoms many years and the wolf king know the monkey king dead well the wolf king see a big portal coming from jamaa and phantoms come down and the king wolf yelled "ATTACK THE PHANTOMS NOW!!!" as the king said and the wolf king uses his powers to destory the phantoms and after a while the wolf king almost dead well he still alive as the wolf king attacked and the wolf king has become stronger and the spirit monkey king come was telling he the army of the phantoms coming and the king let his guards to attack the phantoms after a while the wolf king son grow up and the wolf king was seeing the phantom king using a big fire to end his son and the king wolf jump over and pushes his son saving and the phantom king blast the big fire and the wolf king dead and his son become a alpha and his son named greely and greely become the alpha of the wolves and greely attack all the phantoms and the phantoms ended and greely become the mighty alpha and greely is a alpha at the end and greely believe the zios and mira just like his father and greely has saved jamaa and after a while greely become a adult and greely remember his dad told him about the monkey king has ended so at the end greely become one of the alphas

thats how old time was
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