long time ago passed liza and greely once there was a tiger named sir gilbert and sir gilbert meet liza and greely and greely and liza told sir gilbert to believe zios and mira and sir gilbert do the training skills and sir gilbert end the phantoms and sir gilbert become one of the alphas and once sir gilbert see mira arrive to the 3 alphas and sir gilbert the tiger believe mira and zios and sir gilbert see the zios mask was break the monkey king statue and sir gilbert see hearthstones all over it and sir gilbert see phantoms coming down again and the 3 alphas attack the phantoms once the phantom king has return back and the phantom king command the phantoms to capture all the animals and all the animals has been captured after a while the 3 alphas has saved them and the jammers attack the phantoms having a army and the phantom king took the hearthstone again like the last time and the phantom king make the portal disappear and the 3 alphas having an idea to get back the hearthstones and once liza make a portal to go in the phantoms and liza sir gilbert greely go on the portal and once phantom king see them and their took the hearthstone quick and went back to jamaa and the 3 alphas see all the phantoms coming again their attack and all the phantoms has ended and once jamaa has saved