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    October 28, 2013 by AnimalQueenKitty

    The Adventures has got everyone racing for the end. New adventures come out every month (an estimation) or week. The adventures are cool and exciting, along with hidden treasures that give you gems or prizes. Phantoms lurk in every corner of adventures, so be careful! Some or faster, and more alert, then others. If you have NO IDEA about the dark shaded circle around the phantoms, it's their seeing range.

    As more adventures come, they get harder and mostly are for members-only. Plus, some are more mysterious than others...

    Availible Adventures:

    • Return of the Phantoms: Save the Bunny Burrow! Can be in Hard Mode.
    • The Phantoms Portal: Defeat the wicked phantoms and save the monkeys! Can be in Hard Mode.
    • Meet Cosmo: Discover BOOMSEEDS and defeat th…
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