Walfus is the Walrus Alpha. He is the biggest and strongest Walrus.

History Edit

When Walfus was only 12 moon old, before his mother (Walnes) died, Walnes gave Walfus a necklace.

Walfuses Neckless

Walfuses necklace

The necklace had a weird crystal in it, it was a purple diamond and it glowed.

"Whats This? Its as light as a feather but it is as big as a mouse." Walfus said.

"It will choose the next alpha (Walnes was the alpha), if it glows that means whoever is holding it is the next alpha." Was Walneses last words.

"So that means I'm the Alpha?" Walfus Said as he put the necklace over his head.

It is still on known how Walnes died, some animals say man killed her other animals say that she died of a sickness. The neckless made him the strongest, biggest Walrus ever, but most Walruses said that he was too young and they kicked him out of the Alpha job.


Walrfus in his armer and sword, he keeps it when his a Alpha

Man Edit

He was forced into mans' territory. He was hungry and went into a food place but someone found him and captured him. 1 moon later Walfus was still captured by man. He finally challenged the man to a contest. If Walfus wins he is able to go, but if his "owner" wins he has to stay FOREVER!!!!! The contest was more like a sword fight, they both put on armer and a sword, Walfus was blue and his "owner" was red. They fought and fought, it was almost unbelievable because not every day do you see a walrus fighting a man. At the end, Walfus won. He went back to the Walruses and told them about his adventure with man. The Walruses let him be there Alpha again. Then he found a hidden world behind a wall of thorns and sharp rocks. He called it Jamaa, and he let other animals in and made it a safe haven from man.

Kids Edit

He got married to a Seal and had kids, three Seals and one Walrus. They grew up and all of them except (a girl Seal) for one joined the Jamaa army. They found a new threat, Phantoms...