Zaloka is the Cheetah shaman. His speeds are known to go to 90 mph.


He was a just another cheetah, among the cheetahs but on his birthday.(He was turning 10) Zaloka was challenged to a duel, but not just a fight; a duel of speed. They were going to have a running race but Zaloka didn't know that he could go to 90 mph yet though. ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO! They were off! 

Animal Jam cheetah

Zaloka when he's in his prim

Zaloka was currently winning but, he looked behind him. He saw that his challenger was hurt and was going to be shot.

So he zoomed towards him. He went 90 mph and got there just in time. He gave a strong kick to one of them, toppled and then got the other on the ground. Zaloka was right on them. He then Head-butted them in the head, he saved his challenger then out of nowhere.

A mystical blue heron came down and Introduced herself "I am Mira the sky mother, I understand that running races are part of your life but young Zaloka, you saved the day. "

"Thanks mira." Zaloka replied with pride."

"Your birthday gift from me, is to go to Jamaa. A wonderful place but, you don't have too." Mira added.

Where is jamaa, and even more important, what's it like?" asked Zaloka curiously.

"Well it is a wonderful place and there are many there like you, well, not as many cheetahs but, Shamans always tend to outsmart the Phantoms!" 

"Wait!" Zaloka said suddenly "Are you saying im a shaman now?" He soon added.

"Yes Zaloka, You are!" Mira replied with a smile.

"Wait. Would I ever see my Mom again...?" He then asked.

"Yes, and all your friends will be there to some day, time flys when your having adventures!" Mira calmy said.

"Ok, Bye Mom!" as he hugged his mother. "Bye guys!" as he waved his paw to his friends "Good bye Zaloka, you have been destined to go there." said his challenger."

"Bye sweaty, I will see you very soon."

Just like that he was gone, and he soon had many adventures to follow, and dreams to accomplish like changing gender and turning into a girl called olive :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD